Why “English Speaking” is important for IELTS?

Posted On July 31, 2020


Speaking and Learning English is very important for IELTS as it enables you to communicate easily with your fellow global citizens. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language of 54 countries and spoken by around 470 million to Two billion people across the globe. Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate or express your thoughts to native English speakers; it is the most common second language in the world, there are 27 countries where English is spoken as a secondary ’official’ language. If you want to communicate with someone from another country then the chances are more that you both will be speaking English.

As we all know English is the dominant business language and it’s almost necessary for the people to speak English if they want to enter the Global Workforce. Researchers say that all over the world Cross-Border Business communication is mostly conducted in English.

Subsequently, a good level of English helps people to acquire a Resident Status all over the world. Last year 30 million people appeared for English exams like IELTS and many more. Speaking and Learning English not only provides access to information or to understand things, but also open a World of Opportunities.


Tips for improvement in “Fluency” for IELTS:


Tip 1: 

Improve your vocabulary by Reading Books or Studying every day.

Tip 2: 

Regularly Speak English in front of an Audience or people with good Vocabulary and Fluency, even if it’s only to you then speak in front of a Mirror.

Tip 3:

Record your voice whenever you practice Speaking.


How to score well in IELTS speaking?


Continuous practice and being you is a key to score good marks in IELTS SPEAKING. Firstly never feel Shy when you speak about any particular topic. Many people think, if they have less knowledge about the topic then we can’t impress the examiner, but this is not true. A Proper Presentation of your thoughts is more important than having In-depth knowledge about the topic. Always try to gather as many points or thoughts you can for the topic which you find difficult to talk about. For example, Assume, you have never visited abroad ever, and the examiner gives you the topic to explain something about abroad, then just keep this in mind, try to gather all the thoughts that you have either read or heard about abroad and try to Frame the sentences in such a way that it sounds good and proper in a flow with proper Vocabulary and Fluency. Basically, gathering your own thoughts in your own words is important.


Tips to score band 9 in IELTS speaking:


  • Never be shy
  • Enjoy chatting with an examiner
  • In-depth knowledge is not important, your idea is important
  • Showcase your language skills, not your knowledge coz you are being judged for English speaking not for your knowledge.
  • Use Fluent and Excellent English to express your thoughts and ideas
  • Express your thoughts in your own words with a proper sentence frame
  • Always speak from your heart without any fear and hesitation
  • Try to keep your thoughts simple and creative
  • Proper Fluency and Vocabulary is must
  • Keep practicing 
  • You always have a second chance; learn from your mistakes and keeping your past experience in your mind start preparing for the next attempt.
  • Learn from your past experience 


Still, you are not able to prepare for IELTS on your own, and then there are many coaching institutes especially for IELTS. You can join those institutes. The IELTS coaching institutes are not-for-profit. We being one of the best IELTS coaching institutes in Canada, located in 3 places Surrey, Abbotsford, & Vancouver this means that all our profits are re-invested in our institutes; In all 3 centers IELTS Surrey, IELTS Abbotsford, and IELTS Vancouver our only motto is to provide the highest possible quality training for IELTS at our EYE LEARNING COACHING INSTITUTE in CANADA. We are one of the BEST COACHING INSTITUTE IN CANADA. When you prepare for IELTS AT EYELEARNING at any of our centers IELTS Surrey, IELTS Abbotsford, and IELTS Vancouver, you will be getting an excellent English Speaking Training.


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