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Over 14 Years of Teaching

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Eye Learning in over 14 Years of teaching IELTS has experienced that when working with different age groups, particularly while learning English, students begin to recognize the significance able to correlate to what is going on in their subconscious and start working hard to achieve their desired band in the first attempt itself. IELTS opens the world to new opportunities hence taking up the IELTS course and preparing for it with us is like a great first step towards their success. Eye Learning gives a learning environment to students where they can grasp and learn all the concepts faster as opposed to any other conventional methods of learning. Preparing for IELTS examination with a group of diverse people allows you to walk with diverse people from all walks of life and age and demographics.

Our Mission  & Goals

An Eye of Success

Eye learning’s mission is not just limited to teaching IELTS, we strive to prepare them for future ventures, nurture their potential and guide them to be confident enough and face the challenges of the real world. We understand that how every student is different in their way and therefore we believe in giving each student individualized attention. Eye Learning accomplishes its goals by creating a vibrant and multicultural learning atmosphere that facilitates high quality and practical courses so that students learn each course in a detailed manner. To prepare for IELTS examination practical knowledge is as crucial as theoretical knowledge and hence Eye Learning facilitates world class support, practical insights and makes the learning experience productive, fun and engaging.

Our Director

A Word from Our Director

I was inspired by my passion to be a teacher. I started out in Punjab as an aspiring teacher. I started out with a learning center with the goal of inspiring people to learn English.

We’ve built Eye learning to be fun and engaging. No drills, no flashcards. Learning occurs in a natural way – through conversations with interesting people. Becoming fluent in a second language is a gift for life – it grows your brain, creates opportunities and it’s fun. We’re here to support you and your kids on this enriching journey

Jagjeet Pal Singh Sandhu,
Director, Eye Learning Institute Inc. & Eye Immigration Inc.

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