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When u start preparing for the IELTS examinations, you may acquire unwanted & false information which creates a lot of confusion & which may even stop you from taking up IELTS, scary isn’t it?

Hence it’s very important that you don’t get carried away by the information as most of it is technically not true.

Now you must be wondering how you will pick out the wrong information.


Well, here are a few of the most commonly believed myths by candidates.


MYTH 1IELTS test is harder than most other English tests.


No, it’s not true, most standardized tests follow strict rules & regulations, and IELTS is no exception. But keep in mind that those strict rules are not to make the test harder or difficult. Rather they are to make the exam fair and acceptable. IELTS exams are accepted by much foreign government, that’s why the test has so many rules. This doesn’t mean the test is hard or easy.


MYTH 2: One can appear for the test only for a limited period.


No, it’s not true; there is no limitation on the number of attempts that you can take to clear the IELTS examination. Candidates can keep giving the test until their desired band score is achieved. 


MYTH 3: You can get IELTS certificates by test insiders without giving the test.


No, it’s not true, money can’t buy you an IELTS certificate or any source and approach can’t help you to get an IELTS certificate. If you need a certificate then you have to register for the test, prepare for the test, and then take the test so that you can score a good band and can get a proper IELTS certificate.


MYTH 4: The difficulty level of IELTS is different for different regions.


No, it’s not true; the IELTS test is the same, irrespective of the citystateregion, or country. (Let us take an example of IELTS Surrey, IELTS Abbotsford, and IELTS Vancouver these 3 centers will follow the same pattern and will have the same difficulty level of the exam). Similarly like IELTS Surrey, IELTS Abbotsford, and IELTS Vancouver every center all over the world follows the same pattern with the same difficulty level of exam.


MYTH 5: It’s easy to cheat on the IELTS test.


No, it’s not true, cheating in the IELTS test is not at all possible since it is protected by Sophisticated and multi-layered security measures to prevent cheating to protect all the IELTS candidates and the organizations that accept the IELTS results.


MYTH 6Complicated sentences and foreign accents get a better score in the speaking section.


NO, it’s not true; this is a very common misconception about IELTS. Using difficult sentences and speaking in a fake accent will get a better score. In IELTS they judge you on English skills and the way you frame your sentences, not your accent or how many difficult words you use in framing your sentences. Simple English with proper vocabularyfluency, and good sentence framing can easily help you to score a good band score.


Myth 7: You need to have an English background to clear the IELTS test.


No, it’s not true, It doesn’t matter whether you belong to an English background or your schooling was done in the English language or not. You can always improve your English with proper guidance and by reading newspapers and books regularly. Include English speaking in your day to day life, whenever you talk or have any conversation with someone always try to use the English language this will help you to improve your English, and with proper guidance and support you can prepare yourself for the IELTS test. Still, if you find any difficulty or not getting proper guidance or support, you can do one thing, many coaching institutes properly work on IELTS training (For example EYELEARNING COACHING INSTITUTE, one of the best coaching institute of Canada), you can join them they will give you proper guidance about IELTS and will train you for IELTS test.


Myth 8: It is impossible to score more than 7 bands in IELTS. 


No, it’s not true, with good preparation and proper guidance; you can score up to band 8 or more in the IELTS test. Some so many students have scored 8 or even 8.5 bands or more in the test. To score well you need to work hard and proper practice is required to score more than band 7.


Myth 9: Speaking is the most important module of the test.


No, it’s not true; all four modules in the IELTS examination are equally important and have the same value. Equal time and energy are required for the preparation of all the modules. In the end, the average score of all four modules is calculated for the final band score.


Myth 10: You should not ask the examiner to repeat the question.


No, it’s not true; you can ask the examiner to repeat the question. It is not like the listening module where you can listen to the question only onceyou may think that it is wrong to ask the examiner to repeat the question it may decrease your score. You can ask the question again if you want but make sure that it is not too often.

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