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Posted On May 23, 2020

While there is a nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19, students are facing a disrupted academic year with cancelled classes and exams. We have never experienced a situation like this in life and majority of us were not prepared.

The virus outbreak has caused a lot of stress on IELTS students who are temporarily forced to remain in their homes and IELTS classes are shut. The solution that has proved to be a boon for all the students and coaching classes is E-Learning. Online learning can help students make the most of their times and continue to prepare for their IELTS examinations and can even help them gain some extra skills to Ace in their examinations. Studying IELTS can be requiring great effort especially when you are at your home and it becomes more challenging when you do not have access to the right resources and support tools.

You can often get confused and lost in the search of right materials and IELTS coaching while you surf online. Various questions arise in mind when you look for online studies and accurate preparation sites. Some of them are:

  1. Which is the best online IELTS coaching institute in Canada?
  2. Can I prepare for IELTS with Online study material?
  3. Is taking up an Online IELTS course worth my money?
  4. Will I receive personal attention from the instructors?
  5. Is customization of schedule option available?
  6. How to apply for IELTS online classes?
  7. Can online IELTS lectures provide same benefits as one on one lecture?

Are you confused too? Are you looking out for the best IELTS online classes in Canada? Well your search is over!

Eye Learning proves to be the best IELTS institute in Abbotsford & Surrey in Canada yet again. “Changing times make us change too” and being adaptive is one of our best quality as an institute. We have introduced updated online study material which will help all the IELTS students to establish routine change and keep up with their IELTS tests. We also provide students with hard copy which are available at the Eye Learning Institute. If you live nearby or are able to visit the Institute in Abbotsford & Surrey you can get the physical copy of the study material.

Eye Learning provides Online coaching for all the IELTS courses which includes reading, speaking writing & listening. Students can take up online classes as per their own schedule. Students get the liberty to choose among the sessions that are divided into group and individual sessions. While both the sessions are equally effective, we care about the choice of each student.

Individual session: Students have different strategies of learning and for preparing for IELTS tests. We allow each student to choose among the two sessions according to their comfort zone. Some students learn better when they are given more personal attention. Our highly experienced staff teaches students according to their capability and grasping power.

Group sessions: Some students learn better when they are given individual attention; other students prefer preparing with the group. Group IELTS sessions are equally motivating as it gives opportunity to better understand the topic when it is discussed with others. It helps students make connections and know people who are in the same place as them and motivates them to attend the class on daily basis. Which session do you prefer online or group?
Eye learning’s mission is not just limited to teaching IELTS, we strive to prepare them for future ventures, nurture their potential and guide them to be confident enough and face the challenges of the real world. We understand that how every student is different in their way and therefore we believe in giving each student individualized attention. Eye Learning accomplishes its goals by creating a vibrant and multicultural learning atmosphere that facilitates high quality and practical courses so that students learn each course in a detailed manner. To prepare for IELTS examination practical knowledge is as crucial as theoretical knowledge and hence Eye Learning facilitates world class support, practical insights and makes the learning experience productive, fun and engaging. To know more about the online classes contact us at . Hope to see you there soon!

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