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Posted On May 14, 2020

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which determines your reading, listening, speaking & writing skills and examines your skills of communicating for career, studies in a nation that communicates in English. IELTS is the most popular English Language testing system and is accessible in over 1100+ locations. IELTS Academic Testing format is designed especially for individuals who wish to migrate anywhere in the world for higher studies or further education in any English speaking university. The IELTS Academic consists of 4 modules viz. 1. Listening Test- Four recorded monologues and conversations with over 40 questions for 30 minutes. 2. Reading Test- Three sections with over 40 questions to answer for 60 minutes. 3. Writing Test : Two Tasks for 60 minutes. 4. Speaking Test: Three Sections for 11-15 minutes.

These modules are assessed on the basis of the Bands. Bands are IELTS scores on the scale of 1 to 9 for each section of the test. These bands are calculated on the basis of the chart given below:

Band Score 1: Non User- The candidate has no ability to use the language except a few broken words. Band Score 2: Intermittent User- The candidate has little knowledge and great difficulty in understanding spoken English. Band Score 3: Extremely Limited User- The candidate is able to convey general meanings in some situations. The communication often experiences breakdown Band Score 4: Limited User- The candidate has a limited level of understanding of English language and is not able to use complex words. Band Score 5: Modest User- The candidate generally has a partial command over English language and can deal with overall meaning. Band Score 6: Competent User- The candidate has effective command over English language and can use complex language in familiar situations. Band Score 7: Good User- The candidate has good command over English, can use complex language very well and understands detailed arguments quiet well. Band Score 8: Very Good User- The candidate has complete command over the language with very few errors. Band Score 9: Expert User- The candidate is an English language expert with no errors whatsoever with fluency, accuracy and complete understanding. The total duration of test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Eye Learning helps you excel in all 4 modules by developing good command over the language. We focus on preparing you in a way that will boost your confidence and help you cope up in the new surroundings. We help you prepare intensively with our highly experienced training faculty who makes sure that each student learns and understands in their own pace and ensure individual attention. We will guide you in every possible way throughout your journey.

Why you need to choose Eye Learning as your IELTS coaching institute.

Experience: Eye Learning located in Abbotsford and Surrey has 40 years of training expertise and guaranteed proficiency over the language.

Individual attention: The backbone of our ongoing success is our well experienced faculty who believes in personal attention to the students to help them learn and understand at their own speed.
Certified Teaching professionals: Eye learning is a world class IELTS training institute with over 50+ teaching professionals.

Extensive Study Material: Our study material is designed on the understanding capability which is easy and extremely accurate and is updated with the changing academic.

Online Classes: In the light of Covid-19, Eye Learning provides best Online classes for the students who are having a difficulty in preparing for their exams while they are stuck at home and not able to visit academy. We provide various online options;

a. Customized schedule b. Individual online classes c. Group online classes d. Online study material e. Personalized attention So, that students can prepare in their own space, at the timing of their choice and utilize their time at home in the best way possible.

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