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Posted On May 26, 2020

IELTS has been designed to test the English language ability of candidates who are looking out for a job or who want to study in a country where the English language is dominant. IELTS is one of the highest standards of language assessment. IELTS tests have been acknowledged by the authorities, employers & universities in countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America and New Zealand along with immigration authorities IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System that consists of four sections which are as follows; 1. Speaking 2. Listening 3. Reading 4. Writing There are 2 types of IELTS tests; 1. General Training Tests 2. Academic Tests General Training is taken by the people who are moving to the English speaking country for Public relations or jobs whereas Academic training is taken by the students who are moving to another country for higher studies. Now the question that arises in mind is usually about the schedule of the test. Well, tests including listening, reading & writing are taken on the same day one after the other with no intervals whereas speaking tests can be scheduled seven days before or after the test and sometimes on the same afternoon itself. For the speaking test candidates are approached via calls or emails by local IELTS test centers to confirm their date and location of the test. Knowing about the duration of the IELTS test is a very important part of the preparation as you require finishing your tests in the specified time slots. We shall now learn about the duration of each test starting with the Listening test which is the same for both IELTS General Training and academic tests. Listening Test: (40 minutes)

The listening test is divided into four sections and each section is in order of difficulty in which the first test is the easiest and the fourth test is tough. The duration to complete the listening test is 30 minutes and 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the sheet which will be provided at the test center. The test audio is played only once although time is given to the students to access their answers. Section 1: A conversation based on the everyday social context. Section 2: A monologue on the everyday social context. Section 3: A conversation between four people in an education context. Section 4: A monologue set on an academic subject. Reading Test: (60 minutes)

Reading has three sections for both general and academic tests. The duration of the reading test is 60 minutes. Candidates need to answer 40 questions in the order of increasing difficulty which is used to test the range of reading skills. The test includes three reading passages. Section 1: Contains 2 or 3 short factual texts Section 2: Short work-related factual texts Section 3: Longer text on the topic of general interest. These texts are taken from the handbooks of the company, books, or newspaper articles and are authentic. • IELTS Academic reading test: The academic test includes three long paragraphs with tasks in them. These texts are factual, descriptive, discursive, and analytical which includes nonverbal elements such as graphs, diagrams, charts illustrations, etc. These texts are authentic just like general tests and are taken from books, newspaper articles, and company handbooks. Writing Test: (60 minutes)

The writing test is 60 minutes long and consists of two tasks both in General Training and Academic tests. 1. General Training test: • Writing Task 1: Letter writing which consists of a minimum of 150 words. The letter can be formal, semiformal, and informal. • Writing Task 2: Writing an essay of at least 250 words. The essay can be in a more personal style. 2. Academic test: • Writing Task 1: Summarizing, describing or explaining a graph, chart, table, or diagram in minimum 150 words. • Writing Task 2: Writing an essay of at least 250 words. The essay must be written formally. Speaking Test: (11- 14 minutes)

Speaking tests consists of face to face interview for a duration of 11 to 14 minutes which is same in both general and academic test. The speaking test is divided into 3 parts; 1. Task 1: General questions about topics familiar to you and a structured discussion for about 4-5 minutes. 2. Task2: You will be asked to talk on a particular topic for up to 2 minutes and you will be asked questions on the same topic 3. Task 3: Questions will be asked from the topic connected to task 2 for at least 5 minutes. Preparation for IELTS exams requires concentration, practice and hard work, and the best training institute. Eye Learning institute brings an opportunity to prepare for IELTS with the best instructors in the world with over 40 years of experience. Eye learning is located in Abbotsford, Surrey, and Vancouver in Canada. It is the best and most trusted IELTS institute in Canada in terms of band requirements. Eye learning has a 100% success rate. Eye learning is pleased to inform all the students that they have switched to online classes too for the candidates who cannot attend classes and require a customized schedule. Candidates who are located in Abbotsford, Surrey, or Vancouver can visit the institute to enroll for the classes or for those who wish to take up online classes can reach an eye learning website for the details. Website details:

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